Terms and conditions

Both parents and students must understand the commitment they have made to participate in a College Edge program. Participants must communicate any concerns promptly in order to determine how appropriate accommodations may be made.

Students are expected to communicate directly with College Edge counselors. Failure to attend scheduled individual sessions, monthly work sessions, or application/essay workshops results in a student's forfeiture of that session. Students are given ample opportunity to schedule and reschedule sessions, but they hold the ultimate responsibility to attend and to communicate.

Students can discontinue participation in College Edge’s services at any time, but tuition will not be refunded (except as noted regarding PPC below). In very rare cases, students who consistently fail to abide by policies may be asked to withdraw from the remainder of their program prior to making additional tuition payments.

Students may choose to share log-in credentials for college-related websites, including Common Application, College Board, and Naviance, among others. Sharing this information gives College Edge access to sensitive information (including test scores), so students may choose to share or not share these credentials at any time. Students can also elect to change passwords if they decide they no longer wish to share these credentials.

Painless Path to College Program Satisfaction Guarantee: If a student enrolls in the Painless Path to College by November 15, attends his/her Initial Family College Strategy Session from November-December 31, 2017, and decides the program does not work for him/her by January 31, 2018, payment will be refunded upon written request (less $250 for Strategy Session and enrollment fees).

Neither College Edge, LLC nor individual counselors can be held responsible for which schools accept or reject a student's admission applications based upon academic record and personal achievements.