Customized Support Program - Writing Critiques/Research Support

Package of three (3) online writing critiques or research support

Customized Support Programs (CSP) enable students who want to manage most of their college planning independently to benefit from limited College Edge support. The Writing Critique/Research Support-based CSP includes three (3) online essay submissions for detailed review by a College Edge counselor. Multiple essays can be submitted as part of a single essay submission. Alternatively, students/parents who have questions and would like research support via email Q&As can use the time toward this support.

Students enrolled in either Customized Support Program have access to scheduling additional private sessions and writing critiques once they have exhausted the initial sessions/critiques included in their program. Regardless of whether they choose the Private Sessions or Writing Critique/Research Support-based CSP, students have access to scheduling additional single private sessions or writing critiques throughout the entire application season.

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